Have you received a letter from IRCC or CBSA?

(Canada Border Services Agency or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)

Most of these letters require a response. Failure to respond or not responding correctly can be very damaging to your application or status.

For example, the letter may ask questions regarding:

  1. Genuineness of a Relationship.
  2. Financial eligibility.
  3. Medical Inadmissibility.
  4. Misrepresentation.
  5. Criminal Inadmissibility.
  6. Security Concerns.
  7. Residency obligation.
  8. Non-Compliance.

    Support letter for IRCC

    If your visa application needs extra explanations and support, you can contact us for a support letter for IRCC.Immigration lawyers have specialized knowledge and expertise in immigration law, and their support can lend credibility to an applicant’s qualifications and suitability for immigration.

    A support letter from a lawyer can be a valuable asset in an applicant’s immigration case, and it can increase their chances of success.

    Past cases…

    • Successfully received a temporary resident permit after receiving a criminal charge in Canada.
    • Renewed permanent residency card after a client could not meet residency obligation due to family emergency.

      The Immigration Appeal Division(IAD) Appeals

      The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) is a part of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). Its primary function is to provide an avenue for individuals who have been denied permanent residency or received removal orders to appeal those decisions.

      Our immigration lawyers at Specht and Pryer have successfully overturned IRCC’s decisions for many clients.

      We may be able to help you if you:

      • Sponsorship application was denied
      • Could not meet residency obligation to keep PR status
      • Received removal order

      Section 44 Removal Order

      A removal order is a legal document that orders an individual to leave Canada and prohibits them from returning for a specific period of time.

      There are three types of removal orders:

      • Departure order
      • Exclusion order
      • Deportation order

      Each order has different rules and requirements. Our immigration lawyer will help you understand your situations and rights. We also work to minimize the consequences for your future.


      Canadian immigration authorities can deny entry to people who are deemed inadmissible.

      Reasons for inadmissibility:

      • Criminal record
      •  Insufficient funds
      •  False information on a visa application

      When you are found to be inadmissible, please come and talk to our immigration lawyer. If you have a strong reason why you need to stay in Canada, we can help you apply for a temporary resident permit.

      Humanitarian and Compassion (H&C)

      Those who would experience undue hardship if they were to return to their home country might apply for immigration to Canada through a process known as a humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) application. Applications for H&C are meant to help those who are not eligible for other types of immigration status but would nonetheless experience severe hardship if they were to be expelled from Canada.

      In order to apply for status in Canada with H&C, our lawyers need to show you have strong ties to Canada.


      I couldn’t meet residency obligations to keep my permanent residency. Do I need to appeal?

      If you have not received an order, then you do not need to appeal. There might be a way for you to keep permanent residency status. Please contact us for a consultation.

      Does appealing guarantee canceling my removal order?

      The chance will be higher if you have a legitimate reason. However, we cannot guarantee changing IRCC’s decision.

      What is the process of appealing?

      It’s case by case. It may only require an informal meeting or conversation with an early resolution officer and Minister’s counsel. It may require a meeting and hearing.

      Can I come back to Canada after the removal order?

      It depends on the order you have received. You cannot come back permanently with the deportation order, but you may be able to return with the departure or exclusion order.

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