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Based in Downtown Vancouver, Specht and Pryer has been offering legal services in Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and English for over 20 years. We have varied experience in Family Law, Criminal Law, Corporate, Immigration, Will and Estate and more. While primarily practicing in Vancouver, our lawyers represent clients in Metro Vancouver and part of Vancouver Island and Fraser Valley. The best way to fight a case is to prevent it from escalating in the first place. Let us show you how.

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Practice Areas

Family Law

As divorce and family lawyers, we specialize in contested matters such as division of property and uncontested matters such as divorce, marriage agreements and separation agreements.

Wills & Estates

If a relative passes away, their assets will be distributed according to BC legislation. We can help plan your estate early to prevent confusion, and to save your beneficiaries time and effort.

Criminal charges

You may lose your status in Canada if you are criminally charged. Please talk to our lawyers before you speak to the police. We can help you to minimize the effect on your life.

Driver Prohibition and Disputes with ICBC

Receiving a suspension on your driving license does not mean it is a final decision. We also help with any kind of ICBC related dispute.


Contact us if you want to appeal an immigration decision or receive a removal order. We can also assist by responding to a letter from IRCC or CBSA and write a support letter (Letter of explanation) for IRCC. 

Corporate Commercial

We work with businesses from small to medium size and provide effective and practical legal advice on a comprehensive range of business matters.

Civil litigations

Our lawyers are experienced in identifying material issues in any dispute. We can help guide our clients to the best resolution, in the most cost-effective way.

Residential Tenancy

In BC, rights and responsibilities of tenant and landlord are stated in the Residential Tenancy Act. Our experienced lawyers represent landlords and tenants in their dispute hearings.

Personal Injury

You may be entitled for compensation for your injury in BC. Let us help protect your rights.

Our Team

Our lawyer and staff speak several languages fluently including Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and English.

We understand your cultural background and language.

Robert Pryer

Robert Pryer

Lawyer/Business Owner


Call date: November 13,1998

University of Western Ontario (LL.B. 1996)

Veronece Wun

Veronece Wun



Call date: May 4, 2021

Fluent in Cantonese

Chinese University of Hong Kong (JD, 2018)

University of British Columbia (BA, 2016)

Veronece Wun is a Vancouver lawyer fluent in English and Cantonese.


Stella Tao

Stella Tao

Articling Student


Fluent in Mandarin

University of British Columbia (JD, 2023)

University of Bath, U.K. (MA in Translating and Interpreting, 2017)

University of International Business and Economics, China (BA in English Translation, 2016)


Driving while Prohibited BC

Driving while Prohibited BC

You are likely reading this article because you were pulled over by a police officer and told that you were driving while prohibited. Many of our clients in similar circumstances were not even aware that they were not allowed to drive. Why does this happen? What are...

Contested divorce vs Uncontested divorce in BC

Contested divorce vs Uncontested divorce in BC

Divorce is something you may have to face in order to move on with your life. You may imagine two divorce lawyers standing in a courtroom as you often see in TV dramas. This happens much less frequently in real life. There are two types of divorces in BC: Uncontested...


恢复加拿大公民身份 一般资格 为了有资格恢复您的加拿大公民身份,您必须满足以下要求。 你必须: · 已经是加拿大公民 · 在您失去加拿大公民身份后已成为加拿大永久居民 · 没有与您的永久居民身份相关的未满足条件 · 在您申请前的两年内,以永久居民身份在加拿大实际居住至少 365 天,并且 · 在您申请之前的纳税年度已履行您的个人所得税申报义务。 你不能: · 您的加拿大公民身份被剥夺(撤销) · 受遣返令(加拿大官员发出的离开加拿大的命令)或 · 被阻止(禁止)被授予公民身份。 加拿大武装部队成员的资格...

We offer flat fees

While many law firms charge by hour, Specht and Pryer offer flat fees as much as possible.

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Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Address: # 780 – 789 West Pender Street Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada V6C 1H2

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